Adverento Travel is based in Helsinki, from where most of our tours depart. The real heartland and the main destination area of our tours is Lake Saimaa area in Eastern and South-Eastern Finland.

One thing is for certain; You will not find anything like this anywhere else in the world. Lake Saimaa is utterly unique. It is a labyrinth-like water system with a shoreline of more than 14 500 kilometres (pretty much the same as the distance from Helsinki to Brisbane, Australia). The number of islands is almost unbelievable 13 700.

The size of the lake is impressive, but even more impressive is the stunning beauty of the entire area. Lake Saimaa is regularly ranked among the most beautiful lakes in the world.

With such a wide area full of attractions, you have a lot of options of where to go. For our tours, we have selected some of the very best parts Lake Saimaa. First and foremost, our main hub, Pistohiekka Resort, is in the middle of Saimaa UNESCO Global Geopark.

A geopark is a coherent geographical area of internationally significant geological value. Geopark tells the story of how the area came to be and highlights its nature and historical sites of international importance. UNESCO Global Geoparks are internationally popular tourist destinations. Saimaa Geopark was awarded UNESCO Global Geopark status in 2021.

Saimaa UNESCO Global Geopark brings together Saimaa’s stunning nature sites, charming hiking trails and historic cultural sites, all of which are well worth experiencing when visiting Lake Saimaa. Through breath-taking sites and unique landscapes, Saimaa Geopark tells the story of the birth of Lake Saimaa in a whole new way.

Pistohiekka is part of Saimaa UNESCO Global Geopark surrounded by nature reserves and with many attractions nearby waiting for travellers to explore them.

Other highlights on our tours include the national parks of Linnansaari and Kolovesi. They are both located in the northern parts of Lake Saimaa and are excellent places for kayaking and canoeing. Linnansaari national park is somewhat easier to access and with more varied nature activity options. That is why we have selected it for our multi-activity tours. We also make tours to Kolovesi national park, but they are purely for kayakers.

Come and join us to spend a few days in true peace and quiet of Lake Saimaa. We do hiking, kayaking, bicycling, boating, and of course pure simple sightseeing and relaxing.