Adverento Travel has been awarded Sustainable Travel Finland label and Good Travel Seal certification

Sustainable, responsible tourism has always been deep in the DNA of Adverento Travel. Our tours, adventures, and nature holidays are always eco-friendly, and we focus on authentic nature encounters with no theme parks or artificial attractions. We do our best to support the local communities and give our quests opportunities to learn about local life, customs, and culture.  For our accomplishments and commitments, we have been awarded Sustainable Travel Finland label and Good Travel Seal certification.

Good Travel Seal certificate

Adverento Travel will delight travellers with several different tours and excursions to see the best of Saimaa Geopark, now awarded with UNESCO Geopark status

Saimaa Geopark has received UNESCO Global Geopark status, which is a great recognition for the entire Lake Saimaa region. We have always known that we have something very unique here, and we are happy to see more and more international attention to the area as well.

Saimaa Geopark is a collection of tens of different geo sites, many of them perfect nature travel attractions. The good news for the travellers is that Adverento Travel make the best sites of Saimaa Geopark available for nature travellers with their theme tours. There are many different tours by foot, kayak, boat, or bicycle. The lengths of the tours vary from one day to one week; you choose!