Nature Tours and Adventures in Finland, Boutique Style

Finland has fresh air, clear skies, wild nature, thousands of pristine lakes, and incredibly beautiful sceneries wherever you go. 

It is the cleanest and greenest country on earth, with excellent opportunities for authentic nature travel and great outdoors off the beaten tracks. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, boating, sailing, fishing, or skiing, Finland offers some of the best outdoor experiences in Europe.

Your encounter depends, of course, very much on the season of your visit, but there will always be plenty of activities available.

Responsible Travel

Adverento Travel’s tours aim to be as responsible and sustainable as possible. We select our partners and suppliers carefully with an objective to prefer certified, responsible organisations and individuals. Our tours include only authentic, sustainable nature activities like hiking, cycling, and kayaking. The food on our tours is mostly produced by local producers with short supply chains. Furthermore, most of our tours take place during the Nordic summer, when no heating and very little electric light is needed.

Adverento Travel has been awarded Sustainable Travel Finland label and Good Travel Seal certification.



Good Travel Seal certificate